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The 21st century companion to learning, Synapcard helps you to represent your knowledge in a digital format.

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ABOUT Synapcard

Key features of our software that facilitate personalized information management:

Extract Concepts

Automatically pull information from reading materials, using Synapcard's powerful natural language processing capabilities.

Link Knowledge

Relate extracted concepts together to automatically organize and navigate your personal knowledge base.

Learn Faster

Easily connect Synapcard to your favourite spaced-repetition flashcard software, to speed up your learning.

More information about the software

Synapcard is designed to be your companion for study in the digital world. As you access information resources, Synapcard provides an interface and powerful backend tooling to automatically create abstract concepts as you're reading.

In our first product iteration, the user selects concepts for abstraction by highlighting them and activating the engine with a keyboard shortcut. These are then converted to high-quality flashcards that are be directly imported into flashcard software such as Anki.

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Location: Cambridge, UK